Friday, February 18, 2011

Viwawa Charisma Points

Now when you refer friends to play on Viwawa, you can receive Charisma points for their progress!

Where can I check my Charisma points?
It is shown in your profile page.

How do I refer my friend?
You can make use of the social buttons (Facebook, Twitter) that we have added on your profile page.
When your friends come to Viwawa to sign up for an account, it will automatically insert your Gamer's ID in the "Referrer" field on the signup page.
If not, you can also ask your friend to type in your Gamer's ID to qualify.

How do I increase my Charisma points?
By asking your referred friends to play more! Charisma points tracks the participation of your Top 20 referred friends.
Playing games, buying items and other activities will contribute to your Charisma points.

Do accounts referred previously qualify?
No, only new Viwawa signups with the Referrer field filled in will contribute to your Charisma points.

What can Charisma points do for me?
Benefits (More to come!)


10,000 Charisma points and one referred friend with at least a level 5 in any game.

50,000 Charisma points and three referred friends with at least a level 10 in any game.

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