Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Viwawa Game Beta Launch, Bombs Away!

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of Bombs Away, a modern, fun-filled retake of the classic Battleship game.

In Bombs Away, you are the commander of a new fleet of modern units.

Your mission is to locate and destroy the entire enemy fleet, before the enemy destroys yours.

Make full use of each unit's capabilities. Deploy them carefully as each of them are different. Study and learn how to use various weapons to counter your opponents. Score points and upgrade your arsenal as you watch your enemies’ get blown apart before your eyes.

Go head to head against another player. Go for the standard map or fight it out on a bigger map if you are up to the challenge. Create the ideal placement of your fleet to be the ultimate winner!

Just some announcements...
  • A level cap of 10 is imposed during this beta launch.
  • Please post your feedback and bug reports to Feedback thread.
  • Ranking will not be calculated for this month and does not affect your overall Viwawa ranking.
Have fun and "bombs away!!!"

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