Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stwack Sequence Combos and NEW Skills launched

Get ready for some new ways to 'stwack' your opponents in our ever popular Stwack Game.

Sequence Combos

Sequence combos are additional moves that can be executed by using a certain set of skills in sequence if you have mastered the combo.

To master a combo, you must own the combo skill, andcollect the necessary required items from random item drops.

Calling SKILL1+SKILL2+SKILL3 will automatically execute the combo without any stamina cost at the end of SKILL3

The combos are typically bonus moves, largely not powerful finishing moves. They may heal HP, stamina, or deal damage at no stamina cost. The cost of using combos however, is the predictability of your moves, and the loss of some turns by forcing yourself to use the required skills if you did not want to use them initially.

Use it to your advantage, you may even fake your opponent into believing that you are executing a combo when you are not....

Mastering Combos

Combos can be purchased from the item shop, but require gathering of items to master them. Items are awarded at random upon winning a match.

You will get an award for each mastered combo.

There may be plans to allow combos to be enhanced using some of the random drops as well.

First 3 Combos

* Muscle Reinforcement (gain health)

* Magic Fist (bonus attack)

* Garudasana (gain stamina)

Note that attack combos cannot be blocked and is not applicable for passive damage bonuses.

Release of New Attacks
New skills at level 60 and 70 will be made available.
* Fist of Fury
* Ghost Shadow Kick

Release of New Defence Skills
New skills made available at various levels to defend body and legs.
* Water Barrier
* Sand Bag Barrier
* Bullet Proof Vest
* Sumo Body Suit
* Levitation

Adjustment of Existing Defense Skills

Some defense skills will be adjusted with better stats.

Additional Slot for ALL Players

Players have 6 basic skill slots now, up from 5 previously.

New Slot Sphere

Slot Sphere II is now available.

New Tablets

2 new damage enhancement tablets available, but only 1 tablet will be in effect for any single attack move.

Damage Display Cumulation

Display of damage is now cumulative. So if your skill hits 3 times, the damage shown will be the total damage.

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