Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stwack Spring 2011

Top 64 players of Stwack Spring 2011 battled through a long night! Palming and blasting their way through opponents.

It was an incredible and close final between the sixel_stars and WCG SG 2010 Stwack Champion, ycsdy.

alex93031414 and Jay1234 fought it out for 3rd place. alex93031414 came out tops while Jay1234 fought valiantly despite running out of potions(do remember to stock enough potions in future competitions!)

Every Stwacker did tremendously well to contribute to a great night of competition.

Champion1st Runner Up2nd Runner Up
sixel_stars ycsdy alex93031414

Thanks all for participating! Look forward to seeing you guys in the next competition.

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Unknown said...

let me tell you stwack is one of the most unfair game in the words its has no real skill at all just matter of how much item you get however chess is all about real skill, no pot no boost and etc.