Thursday, April 7, 2011

FREE Exclusive Sushido Gifts with MOLPoints - April to May 2011

We will be having a promotion for Viwawa Cash top-ups using MOLPoints.

Promotion Period: 8 April to 31 May 2011

For each cash topup via MOLPoints, you will be given a number of FREE GIFTS! The more you topup, the more GIFTS you'll get!

With this promotion, we will be introducing an exclusive machine treat - Easter Egg Machine. The mini Easter egg chocolates are a marvelous treat for customers and will definitely give your customers more patience by keeping them happy!

This machine is NOT FOR SALE and only available through this promotion with MOLPoints. Once obtained, the machine will be yours FOREVER. The refills however, will be on sale together with normal refills.

* If you already own the Easter Egg Machine, you will get the Easter Egg Refills x 200 instead in the 5% category

Example of gifts that you will receive immediately upon topping up with MOLPoints:

Viwawa Easter Egg Decoration Contest

Easter Day is nearing and its time for players to get creative and fun with eggs!

All you have to do is decorate an egg to make it look like a cute little rabbit with a Buffet Wars-themed background. Take a nice picture of the completed egg using a digital camera or phone camera and submit the photo in this forum thread.

Get really creative and use paint, ribbons, sparkles, or any other materials! Do not feel limited to make the egg look as cute and pretty as possible!

The three most creative eggs will win a Wawa costume with your very own unique design!

Rules of the contest:
  • Any image that contains nudity or anything that is deemed inappropriate by Viwawa will be disqualified.
  • There should be no comments in this thread. Only pictures.
  • Each player can only post once.
Closing date for submitted entries will be on 30th April 2011 at 23:59.

Buffet Wars Club Battle 2011

Congratulations to the Champion Club of Buffet Wars Club Battle 2011, Zillion Madrid Kingdom Club!

Brushing off a strong challenge from eventual 2nd Runner-up mingwarrior club, Zillion Madrid Kingdom battled it out with Elites in an exciting final!

mingwarrior club clinched the last top 3 spot after displaying a match of razor sharp accuracy against a strong rival in Team Eagle Racing Club.

Great thanks to all clubs for being patient during the initial hiccups in the tournament and also to your active participation!

Supporters that night are great as well! See you guys in the next Tournament!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buffet Wars Easter Event 2011 April

Easter event starts in the month of April with Easter Egg painting and costumes in Buffet Wars!

The award will be given only at the end of the event, after 30 April 2011.

Together with the Easter Event, we've also made the following update:

* Recipe Drops
Normal dish recipes will now available as item drops only in specific maps. Mouse over the particular recipe to see which map(s) will drop that recipe.

By playing in the specific map, you will then have a much higher chance of getting the recipe you want as compared to before.