Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Groword Word Quests and Awards

New word quests and awards have just been added in Groword! All new awards are available in the arena only.

1) Word Quests
Word quests are automatically made available to you once you have achieved the respective quest's level. If you have already attained a level beyond these quests now, just play a game in the arena and you will get all the quests available at your level.

For each quest, there is a list of words to form. Complete the entire list to get the respective award. You may track your progress via the statistics window.

2) Flower Awards
Awards are now given for growing a large number of a certain flower.

3) Long Word Achievement Awards
Long word achievements are now tracked so that you will know how many 13-letter words you've formed before in Groword.

4) New Awards for High Scores
New awards for players scoring 300, 400 or higher in a single match!

5) Stats Window
From the game lobby, a new stats button is available for you to view your current Groword statistics.

New Flowers
3 new flowers available now! Carnation, Lavender and Rainbow Flower.


Buffet Wars Freebies from Mystic Palace

We have just added free ingredients and chilli powder into the Mystic Palace. Remember to get your free spin daily! Over 500 Buffet Wars prizes have been given out already!

Some examples of the prizes:

* 10 x any ingredient
* 1 x chilli powder

P.S.: Note that there is no guarantee of getting a Buffet Wars item every time, each prize is awarded at random.

Get a Buffet Wars Free Gift now! Offer ends 30th June 2011

Buffet Wars is giving out the new Essence of Chicken, which gives 20% bonus XP! Available FREE from
24 May to 30 June 2011.

For each cash topup via MOLPoints, you will be given a number of FREE GIFTS! The more you topup, the more GIFTS you'll get!

Essence of Chicken
- Each bottle is automatically used for every win in the PVE channel, granting you 20% bonus XP for that match. It has the same effect for boss matches as well. Players cannot choose when to use it.

All unused bottles of Essence of Chicken will expire by
31 July 2011.

Cash Topup via MOLNumber of Gifts
270 Viwawa Cash10
550 Viwawa Cash20
1200 Viwawa Cash50
2500 Viwawa Cash110

top up now!!