Monday, June 27, 2011

Wahlords Summer 2011 Top 32

Top 32 players of Wahlords Summer 2011 are out!

Which familiar names can you spot among them?

Dominated mainly by members of wawastaR (Emblem of Freedom) and KUKU CLUB (Emblem of Might), will the finals be a tussle between these 2 clubs or will anyone else step in to finally seize the emblems from these clubs?

Finals on 30/6/2011. Further details coming soon! :)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Suggest the next Wahlords Jungle Boss!

What's the scariest creature in the jungle?

Share your impression of the scariest jungle creature in Wahlords, for it could become the next jungle boss!

Let us know in our forum!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Viwawa Texas Hold'em Beta Launch

We are happy to announce the beta launch of Viwawa Texas Hold’em. The beta period will be from 22nd June 2011 to 28th June 2011.

Viwawa Superfriends (expiry after 22nd June 2011), selected members of top clubs (as of 17 June 2011) and selected players will be invited to participate in this event.

Club Owners of selected clubs and selected players will receive a private message on this matter.

Participants who meet the minimum requirements (attaining a minimum level) will be awarded a Viwawa Texas Hold’em Beta Participant badge and an in-game status item.

Further details will be released in the coming days.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change in Checkmate XP Gain and Loss

Checkmate has been updated from 7th June 2011 to give more XP rewards. XP used to be deducted for losses, hence many players were afraid of losing and avoided playing altogether. Now, even if you lose, so long as a decent match is played, some XP will be given.

Note that usual leave match penalties and match-fixing rules still apply.

New MatchIt Theme

A new theme has been added to MatchIt! Its the dishes from Buffet Wars!

Beware of some of the dishes with close resemblence, do not be fooled!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Buffet Wars Sparkler Emitter Dish

Many of you have already noticed, that there are some new items in the shop. These are emitters, and we've just released a series of sparklers that enhances your dish animation as you shoot them.

Types of Emitters
There are currently 3 different types of emitters, and each can be used ONCE on a single dish. Once applied on the dish, that dish will permanently have the effect of the emitter.

No Bonus Attributes
The current set of emitters do not have any bonus attributes. The damage of your dish is NOT affected, and this is just a visual effect.

Applying an Emitter
After purchasing an emitter, go to your inventory, select your dish, then click on your purchased emitter (under ALL or Magic). Click on the green chef hat icon to complete the process. This will always succeed and will never fail.

Removing an Emitter
Should you change your mind, you can remove any existing emitter effect on a dish with a desparkler.

Here's how it looks in the game:

Those using very slow computers may encounter some lag when the emitters are being animated. If you encounter severe lag, please email to support, stating your CPU model/type/speed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Ingredient Exchange Recipes for Buffet Wars

We have introduced special recycling recipes for you to exchange ingredients.

Each recipe accepts 200 of other selected ingredients (pre-defined, you cannot choose them), and produced 200 of the desired ingredient.

Have fun!

New Combos now available for Stwack

Restores both HP and Stamina.

Mace Whip
Deals significant damage to the legs.
Badges will be awarded for successful mastery of each combo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Buffet Wars New Dishes & Chilli Powder Holiday Sale!

How have you enjoyed the summer holidays so far? Good?
To celebrate, we have introduced new dishes in Buffet Wars, as well as extending our Chilli Powder sale from
3 to 20 June 2011.

Here's the guide to the sale for those who are new. It is exactly the same as the previous sales. For more information, you may discuss with other players in the Item Upgrading Discussion thread.

Each preservative allows you to protect your item's upgrades at +4, +6 or +8. They are used up only if your item fails its upgrade.

+4 Preservative

+6 Preservative

+8 Preservative (NOT for sale. Available as possible drop from defeating boss)

+4 Preservative used when upgrading +5 Prawn
if it succeeds, you get +6 Prawn and retain the preservative
if it fails, you get +4 Prawn and use up the preservative

The maximum upgrade for any item is +10. Once you reach +10, no further upgrades will be allowed.

Sale of Upgrade Bundles

To help with your upgrading efforts, we have bundled the Chilli Powder and Lucky Jam together at a lower price, and will give a FREE +4 Preservative for each bundle purchased. Get this package if you're going to do any serious upgrading!! This bundle will be available ONLY during the sale period.

Grade 1 Upgrading Bundle

Awards for Successful Upgrades

The awards for successful upgraders are also available!

Caution: The +10 Upgrader Award will be extremely rare as chances of success at such high levels are very very low. We usually recommend against trying beyond +8 if you do not own any +8 preservative.

Note of Advice to Upgraders

The success of any upgrade is NEVER guaranteed. There is always a variable success rate for each upgraded level which gets lower with each level of upgrade. As a guideline, chances of success for each upgrade beyond +5 is always
less than 50%. It is possible to keep failing, it is also possible to keep succeeding. It is all based on luck!

Use your Chilli Powder with caution and know when to stop. Being too rash or greedy may end you up with +0 and no Chilli Powder left.

Good luck!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get a free Boss Summoners in Buffet Wars whenever you level up!

We are now giving FREE Boss Summoners whenever you level up from level 10 onwards. There will be an equal chance of getting any boss summoner (not the recipe).

if you de-level, you will not get the summoner again when you regain that level.

This is effective from 1 June 2011, 1pm +8GMT. There will not be any backdated crediting of summoners.

For details on bosses, do visit the thread for guide to bosses.

Happy bossing!!

Increase in Wahjong XP/Gold rewards from 1st June 2011

Gold and experience rewards for winning in Wahjong will be increased.

Wahjong fanatics will see more contributions to your clubs soon!