Friday, June 3, 2011

Buffet Wars New Dishes & Chilli Powder Holiday Sale!

How have you enjoyed the summer holidays so far? Good?
To celebrate, we have introduced new dishes in Buffet Wars, as well as extending our Chilli Powder sale from
3 to 20 June 2011.

Here's the guide to the sale for those who are new. It is exactly the same as the previous sales. For more information, you may discuss with other players in the Item Upgrading Discussion thread.

Each preservative allows you to protect your item's upgrades at +4, +6 or +8. They are used up only if your item fails its upgrade.

+4 Preservative

+6 Preservative

+8 Preservative (NOT for sale. Available as possible drop from defeating boss)

+4 Preservative used when upgrading +5 Prawn
if it succeeds, you get +6 Prawn and retain the preservative
if it fails, you get +4 Prawn and use up the preservative

The maximum upgrade for any item is +10. Once you reach +10, no further upgrades will be allowed.

Sale of Upgrade Bundles

To help with your upgrading efforts, we have bundled the Chilli Powder and Lucky Jam together at a lower price, and will give a FREE +4 Preservative for each bundle purchased. Get this package if you're going to do any serious upgrading!! This bundle will be available ONLY during the sale period.

Grade 1 Upgrading Bundle

Awards for Successful Upgrades

The awards for successful upgraders are also available!

Caution: The +10 Upgrader Award will be extremely rare as chances of success at such high levels are very very low. We usually recommend against trying beyond +8 if you do not own any +8 preservative.

Note of Advice to Upgraders

The success of any upgrade is NEVER guaranteed. There is always a variable success rate for each upgraded level which gets lower with each level of upgrade. As a guideline, chances of success for each upgrade beyond +5 is always
less than 50%. It is possible to keep failing, it is also possible to keep succeeding. It is all based on luck!

Use your Chilli Powder with caution and know when to stop. Being too rash or greedy may end you up with +0 and no Chilli Powder left.

Good luck!

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