Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Buffet Wars Sparkler Emitter Dish

Many of you have already noticed, that there are some new items in the shop. These are emitters, and we've just released a series of sparklers that enhances your dish animation as you shoot them.

Types of Emitters
There are currently 3 different types of emitters, and each can be used ONCE on a single dish. Once applied on the dish, that dish will permanently have the effect of the emitter.

No Bonus Attributes
The current set of emitters do not have any bonus attributes. The damage of your dish is NOT affected, and this is just a visual effect.

Applying an Emitter
After purchasing an emitter, go to your inventory, select your dish, then click on your purchased emitter (under ALL or Magic). Click on the green chef hat icon to complete the process. This will always succeed and will never fail.

Removing an Emitter
Should you change your mind, you can remove any existing emitter effect on a dish with a desparkler.

Here's how it looks in the game:

Those using very slow computers may encounter some lag when the emitters are being animated. If you encounter severe lag, please email to support, stating your CPU model/type/speed.

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