Thursday, June 23, 2011

Suggest the next Wahlords Jungle Boss!

What's the scariest creature in the jungle?

Share your impression of the scariest jungle creature in Wahlords, for it could become the next jungle boss!

Let us know in our forum!


Anonymous said...

King kong xDD, then jungle we have aeroplaces for pet :P

Anonymous said...

ijungle = king kong
pet = lion

Escad said...

King Kong
Pet : Lion
Armor : Gorilla Armor
Weapons :Giant King Kong Fist
Boots : Gorilla Legs
Attack : Gorilla Going on Rampage

Rhine said...

please create a boss who really scary and not all players dare to play it. the most frightening creature in the forest is a gost.

maybe u can make a ghost of queen lady who does not like his territory in the disturbed

you can make her move dissapear and appear at 3rd block, attack, than dissapear and appear again in other block so it will be more difficult to find her weakness..

name it lady

prize : no need armor because it will be gender problem [lol]

better u make new prize, like ghost caller [just like bomb but a little modification] so when we place the bomb, the little ghost appear at the attacked area ready to welcome the enemy

izan 97 said...

Hello admin, i would like to get ideas... how about King snake? instead of having items ... why dont we make weekly cash/gold winners? every week there is compeition who killed the most number of King snakes will be rewarded gold/cash.
Rather then like Ruk, Mog, Rag moving in movements of 5(left or right)... we have the snake to move 6(down and up)
If you think that my ideas is not really good.. is alright to remove it :D

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