Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MOL Nov/Dec 2011 Topup Promotion

We will be having a promotion for Viwawa Cash topups using MOLPoints to celebrate the end of year school holidays!

Promotion Period: 1 November to 31 December 2011 

For each cash topup via MOLPoints, you will be given a number of FREE GIFTS! The more you topup, the more GIFTS you'll get! Any topups before or after this promotional period will not be considered for the promotion.

You will get guaranteed gifts for MOL cash topups. But what you get depends on your luck! No matter what you get, everyone is a winner!

For VSF Members only
From 4 Nov 2011 10am +8GMT, your chances of getting an epic item will be DOUBLED for each topup!

Topup Viwawa Cash with MOLPoints Here!

Cash Topup via MOLNumber of Gifts
270 Viwawa Cash1
550 Viwawa Cash2
1200 Viwawa Cash5
2500 Viwawa Cash11

With this promotion, we are introducing the exclusive Buffet Wars Pet and Wahlords Transport! These are epic gifts and only for the really lucky ones. On top of that, you stand chances to get the coveted DEFCON 1 Anti-Demo Towers (x5) and Buffet Wars boss summoners for free!

* If you have already obtained both epic items, you will no longer be able to get them in the same promotion.
Example of gifts that you will receive immediately upon topping up with MOLPoints:

Topup Viwawa Cash with MOLPoints Here!

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