Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wahlords Winter 2011 Finals

Congratulations to Zealywj97, latest Champion of Wahlords!

Champion Zealywj97

In the finals, Zealywj97 was pushing right from the start, putting pressure on petezZ with a 1-0 lead in the series and looking to win the finals in consecutive games.

1st Runner-up petezZ

Seasoned campaigner petezZ turned the tide with a finishing move that brought the series to a tie at 1-1. The final decider was a tense encounter, both Wahlorders playing cautiously, both were at full hp all the way till Armageddon. Champion Zealywj97 prevailed finally!

one_free did well to defeat Wahlords Veterans like Victoria_Baby and CRWeisheng to reach the 3rd/4th face off with cardgm. one_free came out victorious after 3 tight matches.

2nd Runner-up one_free

Wahlords Winter 2011 concluded successfully.

Champion Zealywj97 chose the Emblem of Might for wawastaR.
1st Runner-up petezZ chose the Emblem of Freedom for The Davichi Code.
2nd Runner-up one_free won the Emblem of Courage for GAPAPA CLUB.

Thanks to all participants, see you guys in the next tournament!


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