Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Compensation Event (Updated)

Dear Viwawa players,

Server Downtime
All Viwawa servers were down from the night of 1st Jan 2012 til 3rd Jan 2012 12pm (+8GMT) due to a serious hardware fault in the servers. Some records updated from 31 Dec 2011 12pm onwards including the backups were corrupted as well. Our engineers have been working round the clock to move everything to our secondary machines. But more importantly, bulk of the effort and time had been spent on recovering the lost data prior to the fault.

Data Partially Restored
Some activities from 31 Dec 2011 12pm to the night of 1st Jan 2012 could not be restored due to data corruption.

Rollback means that data is restored only until 31 Dec 2011 12pm and any changes from then until the night of 1st Jan 2012 cannot be restored.
  1. Cash Topups with MOL/Cherry Credits/GX Credits
    Cash topups with MOL/Cherry Credits/GX Credits had been rolled back. You just need to key in your ePins again to get the cash again. 
  2. Item Purchases
    All item purchases with gold or cash were rolled back. 
  3. New Accounts
    Some accounts created during the affected period were permanently lost. Affected users will need to re-create their accounts. 
  4. Awards/Badges
    Awards and badges gained during the affected period were rolled back. 
  5. Texas Hold'em Stats
    Wins, losses and draws for Texas Hold'em were rolled back. 
Buffet Wars Xmas Event
The cut off date of the Buffet Wars Xmas event was also affected, and the Xmas items had stopped on 31 Dec 2011 00:00 instead of 23:59. We will be extending this event til 8 Jan 2012 23:59. Players eligible for awards for this event will also get their awards after the event ends.

Buffet Wars Chilli Powder Sale
Several players had their upgrades rolled back on the last day of the sale and had their cash/gold returned. The sale will be extended to the end of the compensation event.

Compensation Event
Due to the partial server rollback and extended server downtime, there will be a 10-day event granting DOUBLE XP and GOLD to all games played. 

The event shall last from 6 Jan 2012 to 15 Jan 2012.
The event dates will be confirmed again later, after the provisioning of a new replacement server. Likely to be after 15th Jan 2012.


The hardware failure and downtime was unfortunate, as it occurred over the school holidays and public holidays. Rest assure that our staff had put in all possible effort round the clock to ensure the earliest restoration of the server and data. We have also several plans to beef up the redundancy to prevent any similar occurrence in the future.

Thank you all for your patience.

Viwawa Admin
Why fix server alone?

Update: Buffet Wars Chili Power Sale extended, as well as the Compensation Event is postponed due to the provisioning of a new replacement server.


Unknown said...

why my 280 cash is disappeared??
really im not lie

The Big Cat said...

Hi Calvin,

did you obtain your cash via Epins? If so, you can just enter the same epin again.

Else, do give us an email at support@viwawa.com to help you out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

sorry admim, ask u a qn.
is vww playable now? about 10 mins ago right, there was an announcement saying that we must log out. so is it currently under maintenance?

The Big Cat said...

@anon 1:58,

yes. Gamer servers are currently down to resolve some lagging issues. Should be back up soon.

To get the latest Viwawa updates, please refer to our Twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/viwawa

Unknown said...

sorry but i am use unipin

Unknown said...

and what is the mean "give us an email at support@viwawa.com to help you out"?

i give u my e-mail?

The Big Cat said...

Hi Calvin,

For unipin payments, please email us at support. We would sort it out there. Thanks!

The Big Cat said...

We mean, send us an email about your issue. Thanks!

Unknown said...

ok.. i am already sent my problem to that email


Anonymous said...

why all item in buffet wars ,i buy at 31 desember 2011,they all lost??

The Big Cat said...

All data is rolled back, i.e., your items were not bought, thus your gold and cash has been returned.

Anonymous said...

when admin will give back my cash?

The Big Cat said...

No need to give back. Data is rolled back, thus it is as if you did not buy the items.
Sort of a 'reset' button.

Kim said...

I topped up cash using the SMS method at about 9:30 on 31st December. However, I haven't received the amount of cash. Why so?

The Big Cat said...

Hi Kim,

did you receive a reply sms that the transaction was successful? If not, the transaction did not go through, thus you will not be charged.

Anonymous said...

something's wrong with bw. players are unable to get any item drops after the game is supposed to end and forced to abandon game as the ending part wouldn appear. please do something about this. thanks. (:

Kiasiam said...

hi admin, there are some issues with texas hold'em. there is a tbl that would only admit 7 in channel c. is it still safe to play in viwawa? looks like the problems are re-curring.

Anonymous said...

Friday, January 2, 2009

viwawa sucks

I'm rather pissed off now cos my viwawa account got banned. It is so bloody irritating. And the reason is simply because i used the word neopets in a wall post. What the hell. Apparently they claimed that that is advertising for other games, and it is not allowed in viwawa.
Damn it, it just shows the low self -confidence of the viwawa team. If you are sure that your gaming portal is good and loved by players, then i dun think a brief mention on the word NEOPETS would do any harm to the popularity of viwawa. Yare yare.

Ok, im just posting this because im seriously pissed right now. I shall post a proper post next monday after my maths exam.

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Anonymous said...

Just visit this and you will see why
... http://viwawawsucks.blogspot.sg/