Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dressing Up for Chinese New Year

What's Chinese New Year without a set of new clothes? Dress up your Wawa and be ready to welcome the year of the Dragon!

Huat ah!


kimbet said...

admin go check bw lar so lag, finish game le cant leave room keep said got penalty

Anonymous said...

bw erorr agn!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Admin Buffet Wars have error again all end games and game no let finish ):. More games good

Anonymous said...

Cant top up money thru sms... sent d msg but nvr received a reply tat its successful sent thru... its been 2 hours ++

The Big Cat said...

Hi anon,

if you did not receive a reply, it would mean that your telco service provider did not accept the sms, so you would not be charged.