Friday, June 22, 2012

Numeroid Z Summer 2012 Results

GOTitRIGHT is the newly crowned champion of Numeroid Z Summer 2012, defeating RainB, chickenlife123 fondly known as 'ayam', Numeroid Veteran GinDuchti and eventually Delardino to claim the top prize.
Champion GOTitRIGHT

Delardino who had a tough work out against nancycpn, gunnor_94 and okejeremy emerged as 1st Runner-up.
1st Runner-up Delardino

 Claiming the 3rd spot is okejeremy, champion of our first and only Family Buffet Wars Challenge.
2nd Runner-up okejeremy

As usual it was a night with a lot of friendly banter (maybe not always that friendly). Hopefully everybody had fun,  some disappointment in losing and some joy in winning. Let's see if we can get the spectator mode for Numeroid working for a more fun time during Numeroid Z Autumn 2012. See ya guys!


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