Monday, October 15, 2012

Buffet Wars Zombie Event.. Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween!! Zombies are invading Buffet Wars during this freaky season, lets have fun collecting the zombies and style your characters up for Halloween!

Event Duration: 16 Oct to 18 Nov 2012

New Costumes on Sale 
For those who can't wait and wish to look creepy right from the start!

Zombie Collection 
Collect halloween candy and recipes to form your zombies! If you have all 3 zombies, it is possible to use them to form a megazomie, the Revenant!

Badge for creating the Revenant Zombie 
For those who successfully create Revenant, you will get a unique badge for this Halloween!

ps: Badge will only be awarded within 1 week after end of event

Get your food ready for slinging in Buffet Wars now!

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