Friday, November 30, 2012

New Buffet War Dishes

New Buffet Wars dishes! Tropical Fruits! They're going to be useful for making future dishes! :) Collect them now!

Free Gifts for MOL Top up [Dec 2012]

It's the end of the year MOL Promotion again!

Promotion Period: 1 to 31 December 2012 (+8GMT)

For each cash topup via MOLPoints, you will be given a number of FREE GIFTS! The more you topup, the more GIFTS you'll get! Any topups before or after the promotional period will not be considered for the promotion.

You will get guaranteed gifts, but what you get depends on your luck! No matter what you get, everyone is a winner!

For VSF Members onlyYour chances of getting an epic item will be DOUBLE for each topup!

Topup Viwawa Cash Here!

MOL Topups
Cash Topup via MOLNumber of Gifts
270 Viwawa Cash1
550 Viwawa Cash2
1200 Viwawa Cash5
2500 Viwawa Cash11

With this promotion, we are introducing the exclusive Buffet Wars Recipe and Sushido Bracelet! These are epic gifts and only for the really lucky ones. On top of that, you stand chances to get the coveted DEFCON 1 Anti-Demo Towers (x5) and Buffet Wars boss summoners for free!

* If you have already obtained all the epic items, you will no longer be able to get them in the same promotion.
Example of gifts that you will receive immediately upon topping up:

Topup Viwawa Cash Here!

Our first build up game, Eden Story is now live!!

After a long gruelling 18 months of hard work, we are proud to announce the Official Launch (Open Beta) of Eden Story!

Eden Story is arguably a first of its kind progressive civilization build up game.

A gamer starts from the beginning of time, the Stone Age. Through careful resource planning and research, the gamer will aim to progress through the various ages.

There are about seven ages in total, beginning from the Stone Age and culminating in the Space Age. 

This game is extremely fun and will appeal to many of us who always want to know how civilizations have progressed through time.

Learn the many wonders of each Age, for example, Stonehenge, Ang Kor Wat and many many more!

Do like us on Eden Story's Facebook page for more information, and enjoy building the best island ever!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Buffet Wars Christmas 2012

 It's almost time for Christmas again !

Play Buffet Wars during the event period to collect FREE Christmas goodies and exchange it for exciting Christmas items !

Event Period:
04/12/2012 - 31/12/2012

1)Christmas Goodies
Collect Christmas goodies and recipes to create exclusive Christmas 2012 items. The ways to obtain is also the same as last year's event, for every PVE game win, you will get at least 1 Christmas goody. The more players in the game , the more goodies you will get!

As usual, all unused goodies and recipes after end of event will be deleted, do collect and complete your recipes before the end of the event! All items crafted or purchased will not expire.

2) Christmas Costumes
Get the Christmas Exclusive Blue Elf Costume which is only be on sale during the event. After the event this costume will not be on sale anymore.

3) New Dishes
Apart from costumes , Christmas Exclusive dishes will also be available. First new dish is the Sponge Cake. Sponge Cake can be cook using Flour and Egg and also, a recipe.
The second Christmas exclusive dish is the Fruit Trifle! Fruit Trifle can be cook by collecting your ordinary Strawberry, the Christmas exclusive Sponge Cake, a Christmas exclusive ingredient, the Jello and of course with a recipe.

4) Christmas Badge

Collect all 3 Elf Costumes - Red Elf Costume , Green Elf Costume and Blue Elf Costume and you will be rewarded a Christmas 2012 exclusive badge. The badges are not awarded instantly upon meeting the requirements, we will add the badges manually at the end of the event.

Get ready to collect your Christmas Goodies and ingredients!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wahjong with Chips!

We now have chips in Wahjong in Arena Mode! Test your skills against real players online with stakes that matter!  Complete Arena Feats for great chips rewards! Who can be the richest in Wahjong?

Wahjong Arena
Feeling lucky with your chips? You can always try your luck in Wahjong Fortune! Instant fortune to be made. Take a spin now!

Wahjong Fortune
Complete Daily Quests by playing Wahjong to get Chips Rewards.

Prove that you're the best in Wahjong in the Wahjong Arena!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sushido Charms

New Sushido charms for additional bonuses and gameplay enhancements are here!

Players can collect charms to attach to their bracelets. Each charm on an equipped bracelet can affect different components of the game.

Default bracelets are for sale at a nominal price, and future bracelets may be available as special event items or prizes.

Each bracelet has the following attributes:
Number of charm slots
Maximum allowed level of charms
Charms must be attached to the bracelet to be effective.

The bracelet cannot be used when durability hits 0, and can be restored with a repair hammer.

Charm Bonuses
Each charm provides 1 specific bonus when attached to an equipped bracelet.
  • Bonus Gold
  • Bonus XP
  • Higher customer patience
  • Reduced speed which customer patience drops
  • Increased frequency of a particular ingredient
Charm LevelsThe system only drops level 1 charms. If you manage to collect 4 of a particular charm, they can be upgraded to the next level which will have a better bonus. A higher level charm will cost more to detach from a bracelet.

Where to get charms?
All charms are available as possible random item drops via wins in the arena. The chance of getting a charm is low, and is considered a rare drop. VSF players will get higher chances of drops.

Only 2 basic charms are available for sale - they only affect XP and Gold rewards and will not skew the game towards those who choose to spend to get the charms.