Monday, November 26, 2012

Sushido Charms

New Sushido charms for additional bonuses and gameplay enhancements are here!

Players can collect charms to attach to their bracelets. Each charm on an equipped bracelet can affect different components of the game.

Default bracelets are for sale at a nominal price, and future bracelets may be available as special event items or prizes.

Each bracelet has the following attributes:
Number of charm slots
Maximum allowed level of charms
Charms must be attached to the bracelet to be effective.

The bracelet cannot be used when durability hits 0, and can be restored with a repair hammer.

Charm Bonuses
Each charm provides 1 specific bonus when attached to an equipped bracelet.
  • Bonus Gold
  • Bonus XP
  • Higher customer patience
  • Reduced speed which customer patience drops
  • Increased frequency of a particular ingredient
Charm LevelsThe system only drops level 1 charms. If you manage to collect 4 of a particular charm, they can be upgraded to the next level which will have a better bonus. A higher level charm will cost more to detach from a bracelet.

Where to get charms?
All charms are available as possible random item drops via wins in the arena. The chance of getting a charm is low, and is considered a rare drop. VSF players will get higher chances of drops.

Only 2 basic charms are available for sale - they only affect XP and Gold rewards and will not skew the game towards those who choose to spend to get the charms.


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