Wednesday, December 19, 2012

VG 2012 Results

15th Dec 2012, the conclusion of VG 2012.

Sage_Skytravis and RedBean88 emerged from the "Group of Death" to become the Champion and 1st Runner-up of the Tournament respectively. blu35ky88 complete the top 3 players of the tournament as the 2nd Runner-up.

All 3 players were in fine form throughout the tournament.

GDragon_ZX played well taking the 4th place.

Delardino, Kevin_77, shoomboiboi and TheLegendNoMercy made up the rest of the Top 8 players.


Buffet Wars
Despite some hiccups at the start, the Buffet Wars 6 team league managed to finish early. Team Xcution came up tops with a narrow win over Team SukaBoyz by points. Team SureLose defied their team name to come up 3rd in the standing.

Rilakkuma_Bee (Xcution)
hollyyyy (Xcution)
ProBoyBoyz (SukaBoyz)
SukaViolent (SukaBoyz)

brandish (SureLose)

FallenAngel0987 (SureLose)


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