Friday, January 18, 2013

Wahlords Winter 2012 Results

Congratulations to GDragon_ZX, Champion of Wahlords Winter 2012! GDragon_ZX defeated fellow club mate hulkmania to claim the top prize over 2 games.

It was a tense game between riq_92 and phoee93 as phoee93 is set to make history for his club by making the clean sweep of all 3 Wahlords Emblems. phoee93 did not disappoint his fans as he kept his cool throughout the fixture and won it in 2 straight matches.

Great job by club wawastaR in winning the 3 Wahlords Emblem!

GDragon_ZX - Champion
hulkmania - 1st Runner-up
phoee93 - 2nd Runner-up

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