Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wahlords Summer 2013

Wahlords Summer 2013 came to a close last Tuesday on 4th June 2013. It was an evening of intense competition. The finals was dominated by players from club wawastaR, the club that held all 3 emblems.

freacs from GAPAPA Club became the Champion of Wahlords Summer 2013 after winning straight sets against 1st Runner-up rapober from wawastaR. Lancer9 (previous summer's champion)  from Ayam Club clinched the 2nd Runner-up spot once again after a tough fight with .

At the end of the night. the 3 emblems belong to 3 different clubs. Will any club be able to dominate again in the future? See you guys in Wahlords Winter 2013!

freacs - Champion
rapober - 2nd Runner-up
lancer9 - 2nd Runner-up

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