Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kings and Legends: Libra Comes + Ascend the Tower

Limited Time Offer 

Event Server: All servers
Event Time: 2013/9/6 00:00 to 2013/9/9 23:59

Buy 768 Gold receive: 50 Gold
Buy 1536 Gold receive: 120 Gold
Buy 3504 Gold receive: 180 Gold and 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 2
Buy 7512 Gold receive: 350 Gold and 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 5
Buy +9000 Gold and get: Libra (Legendary) 
Buy +42500 Gold and get: Libra (Godlike)

Event Guide:

  1. Rewards are sent via in-game mail directly after the payment has been confirmed. If you do not receive the mail, please re-log and check that your Inbox isn't full. 
  2. Pack Rewards may be obtained repeatedly during promotion, accumulative (Card) rewards may only be claimed once during the promotion. 
  3. Promotion is only valid between times stated. Any Gold purchases made before Promotion Start Times, or after Promotion End Times do not count towards the Promotion Goals. 
  4. Obtain Card Rewards by purchasing up-to the amount of Gold indicated 9,000 Gold = Legendary Libra; 42,500 Gold = Godlike Libra. 

Developers reserve the rights to adjust the rewards at any time, refer to in game even details for the most updated information

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