Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Automatic suspension of accounts (Kings And Legends) Updated

Dear KAL Gamers,

There are a number of KAL accounts being flagged by the system for suspension due to possible match fixing.

These accounts will be further investigated the KAL Team the following week (10th Feb 2014), and penalties will be imposed for offending accounts. After this process is completed, the flagged accounts will be released.

Posts in the forum asking Admin why the account is suspended will not be answered and may be deleted.

If you believe your account is wrongfully suspended, write in to support@viwawa.com, stating the server, player name and provide your reasons.


10 Feb, 5.45pm: [S1 - Alice] Completed. Accounts released.
10 Feb, 5.55pm: [S2 - Serka][S3 - Chimera] Completed. Accounts released.

All flagged accounts released.

Penalties for Match Fixing
We would like to remind KAL players that match fixing is considered cheating. Please do not engage in such activities.

Automatic System Checks
The KAL Team will be running system checks on the top rankers at the end of PVP Season. Thus there is no longer the need to report cases of match-fixing tosupport@viwawa.com.

The exact checking criteria will not be revealed, and may be revised from time to time as necessary. If you do not wish to be flagged by the system, DO NOT play too many matches with the same player.

As far as possible, players who are deemed cheating by the system will have their accounts penalized, depending on the extent of each offence. Banning of an account will be the final resort and only meted out against recalcitrant players.

1st Offense
Removal of ranking score, PVP rewards, warning mail

2nd offense
Removal of ranking score, PVP rewards, warning mail
7-day suspension

3rd offense
Removal of ranking score, PVP rewards, warning mail
14-day suspension

4th offense onwards
Removal of ranking score, PVP rewards, warning mail
21-day suspension / possible account ban

Penalties on players caught for cheating will be applied on the very last day of the season.

Appeals will not be entertained. If players are found to have match-fixed, the penalties will be final.


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