Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kings and Legends New Events! "Limited Time Offer - Aries" and "Ascend the Tower"

Event Name: Limited Time Offer
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/2/27 16:30~2014/3/3 23:59 

Event Description:
Buy a 750 Gold pack and receive: 50 Gold
Buy a 1500 Gold pack and receive: 120 Gold
Buy a 3500 Gold pack and receive: 180 Gold and 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 2
Buy a 7500 Gold pack and receive: 350 Gold and 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 5
Buy +9000 Gold and get: Aries (Legendary)
Buy +42500 Gold and get: Aries (Godlike)

1.During the event, players that top up to a certain amount in a single purchase will qualify for a reward.
2.During the event, total top up to a certain amount will receive an additional reward card.
3.Single top up rewards may be obtained repeatedly, accumulative rewards may only be claimed once during the event.
4.Rewards are sent via in-game mail directly after the payment has been confirmed.
5.《Kings And Legends》preserve the right of changing event details, end event , or cancel event . Will pre-announce at the official website if any situation above occurred.

Event Name: Ascend the Tower
Event Time:2014/2/27 16:30 ~ 2014/3/6 23:59

Event Description:
During event period, achieving certain ascension levels allows players to earn rewards.

Ascension tower level 35: Tower Coins x 20, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 2
Ascension tower level 40: Tower Coins x 30, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 3
Ascension tower level 45: Tower Coins x 40, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 4
Ascension tower level 50: Tower Coins x 50, Crystal Pack (Epic) x 5

Event Guide:
1.By completing set levels in the Ascension Tower, Heroes can claim additional prizes.
2.Each reward can only be claimed once.
3.After clicking 'Claim Rewards', the rewards will be sent to your inbox. Click 'Get All' to add them to your Hero inventory.


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