Friday, February 21, 2014

Kings and Legends New Events! "Special Offers" and "Challenge Veraaksia"

Event Name: Special Offers
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/2/20 18:30 ~ 2014/3/6 14:30 

Event Description:
Master's pack 198 Gold >>>> 174 Gold
Undead master's pack 198 Gold >>>> 174 Gold

Event Name: Challenge Veraaksia
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/2/20 18:30 ~ 2014/2/27 23:59

Event Description:
Complete the events to gather Points and draw Dragon cards.


  1. Boss: Red Dragon Lair (Normal and Hard) can be successfully completed 3 times per day.
  2. Complete the Boss: Red Dragon Lair and complete the relevant event quests (Valiant Slayer, Dragon Hunter, Valiant Slayer Elite, Dragon Hunter Elite) to claim Point as a reward. You can draw Dragon cards with Points.
These point can be earned via:
  1. Taking part in the Dungeon "Red Dragon Lair" and earn points through the rewards at the end, earning up to 120 per pick in Hard Mode or 60 in Normal Mode. (3 time per day)
  2. Completing quests in "Red Dragon Lair". Completing quests such as killing X amount of Whelps will earn you points every day.
  3. Points can be purchased via Gold.


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