Friday, February 21, 2014

Kings And Legends Version 1.4

Check out the great new additions to Kings And Legends 1.4 version!

1. New System: City Defense
2. Improve your Skills in the Blacksmith
3. Larger inventory space
4. New Cards - Dragons and Angels !!!

1. New System: City Defense

The Battlements Rules

The City Defense is an important building for launching and defending against attacks, as well as increasing your income of crystals.

Using the interface in City Defense you set up city defense soldiers and a defense deck. The level of City Defense will affect the amount and types of card you can use.

Clicking Attack will launch an attack against another player’s City Defense. The system will deduct an attack from your number of attacks and also will find a player in the field whose level of City Defense is close to yours. It will be regarded as a failure if the attacker surrenders or the attacker’s HP reaches 0. On the contrary, It will be a success if the defender’s HP is 0. The player can launch 3 free attacks each day. If the free attacks reach 0, the player can use tickets to carry out further attacks. The number of available tickets each day depends on your level of VIP. When your City Defense upgrades, the number of free attacks will return to 3.

When the attacker succeeds, he will acquire Crystal as a prize. Meanwhile the durability of the defender’s City Defense will be reduced by 20%. The highest durability is 150%, the lowest 0%. Clicking Reinforce will restore durability. The player can reinforce, and be reinforced, by 10 friends each day. Upgrading the City Defense will restore the durability to 100%.

A player cannot be attacked when the durability of their City Defense is at 0% or limit for defending reaches the daily limit. Buying truce can protect a City Defense from being attacking for a period of time. Attacking another player will cancel the effects of truce.

At 05:00 server time, the system will calculate the extra production of Crystals according to the level of City Defense and durability. The extra Crystals will be added to the tax of the City Hall.

Meanwhile the number of daily attacks for being attacked and reinforcing will be reset.

2. Improve your Skills in the Blacksmith

The Blacksmith can now be used to create Runes. You will need a pattern and some crystal to make them, but you now have access to a whole host of interesting runes that can really change up your play style.

3. Larger inventory space

Inventory Extension, maximum can be extended doubled from previous version, each row needs to consume 60 gold to unlock.

4. New Cards

Fire Dragons

Ice Dragons




Play now!!



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