Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Viwawa Game Competition Revamp

Dear Viwawa Gamers,

The current system of competitions in Viwawa is undergoing a revamp for full automation and hence more frequent competitions.

The full details will be furnished soon, but this post will provide a gist of the expected format, subject to changes and improvements.

All registrations will be done in-game. You do not need to visit a special page to register for competition. Timings for competitions will also be published in-game, with broadcasts in the game to remind everyone of the competition.

Two Competition Modes 
Each competition would be based on either of 2 modes.

* Equalizer
All participants will be fixed at the same level, and have access to a predetermined set of items/stats for the competition. True test of your skills!

* Open
All players will participate based on their existing level and items.

Competition Mechanics 

  • Competition only starts with minimum number of players registered and online. 
  • Fixed period of 1 to 3 hours per competition. 
  • Fixed given preparation period to allow participants to equip skills and items. 
  • Prematch time will be VERY SHORT, assuming you have already done your preparation at the start of the competition. 
  • Matching up will be done at fixed intervals, with a minimal break in between matches. 
  • Each matchup can be a single match, or best of 3 or best of 5. 
  • Each match will have a time limit. The match ends and a winner is automatically decided if the time limit is reached. 
  • Any disconnection during a match or during matchup results in a loss regardless of reason. 
  • If there are odd number of participants, 1 player automatically gets a win for that round and does not need to fight. 
  • Live timer will be displayed for the matchup timings. 

Stwack Equalizer competition from 9pm to 11pm +8GMT.
Registration and skill preparation: 8:30pm to 9:00pm
Time limit per matchup: 8 minutes
Break in between matchups: 2 minutes
Match format: Best of 3

Hence, matchups are at 10-minute intervals.
1st matchup: 9:00pm
2nd matchup: 9:10pm
6th matchup: 10:00pm
12th matchup: 11:00pm

Total games played per player: 12

Win - 2 points
Draw - 1 point
Loss - 0 point

Game-specific scores will also be used in the event of a draw in the final ranking.

Live scores and rankings will be displayed in the game.

Prizes and Rewards 
Participants who complete all matches will be awarded a competition badge.

Prizes will be specific to each game/competition. It could award prizes/trophies/badges for up to 10 players depending on the game and size of the competition.

*** Rules and mechanics are subject to change.

Feedback welcome over at our Forum, but please keep it constructive. Unrelated or non-constructive posts may be removed without notice.


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