Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kings And Legends New Events! "Limited Time Offer", "Battle on the Heights" and "Challenge Veraaksia"

Event Name: Limited Time Offer
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/27 15:30 ~ 2014/3/30 23:59

Event Description

Event Description:
Buy a 750 Gold pack and receive: 50 Gold
Buy a 1500 Gold pack and receive: 120 Gold
Buy a 3500 Gold pack and receive: 180 Gold and 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 2
Buy a 7500 Gold pack and receive: 350 Gold and 10,000 Sliver Gift Pack x 5
Buy +9000 Gold and get: Taurus (Legendary)
Buy +42500 Gold and get: Taurus (Godlike)

1.During the event, players that top up to a certain amount in a single purchase will qualify for a reward.
2.During the event, total top up to a certain amount will receive an additional reward card.
3.Single top up rewards may be obtained repeatedly, accumulative rewards may only be claimed once during the event.
4.Rewards are sent via in-game mail directly after the payment has been confirmed.
5.《Kings And Legends》preserve the right of changing event details, end event , or cancel event . Will pre-announce at the official website if any situation above occurred.

Event Name: Battle on the Heights
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/27 15:30 ~ 2014/4/3 23:59

Event Description: 
During the event period, the first group members to win the Windy Cliff (Hard) Challenge battle will get the First Time Boss Kill Rewards, other group players who have also won the Windy Cliff (Hard) Challenge battle will get the Progressing Reward.

First Boss Kill Rewards: 400 Rubies, 10,000 Silver Gift Pack (Rare) x 5
Progressing Reward: 200 Rubies

Event Name: Challenge Veraaksia
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/4/1 0:00 ~ 2014/4/9 23:59

Event Description:
Complete the events to gather Points and draw Dragon cards.

1. Boss: Red Dragon Lair (Normal and Hard) can be successfully completed 3 times per day.
2. Complete the Boss: Red Dragon Lair and complete the relevant event quests (Valiant Slayer, Dragon Hunter, Valiant Slayer Elite, Dragon Hunter Elite) to claim Point as a reward. You can draw Dragon cards with Points.

These point can be earned via:

1. Taking part in the Dungeon "Red Dragon Lair" and earn points through the rewards at the end, earning up to 120 per pick in Hard Mode or 60 in Normal Mode. (3 time per day)

2. Completing quests in "Red Dragon Lair". Completing quests such as killing X amount of Whelps will earn you points every day.

3. Points can be purchased via Gold.

Play Kings And Legends Now!

Buffet Wars Preservatives now available in gold

All preservatives can now be purchased with either cash or gold.

 It is expensive, so please think twice before embarking on any "upgradathon" as you can lose everything in a very short span of time. 

Cash prices of Chilli Powder, Lucky Jam and Preservatives will be capped from Grade 6 onwards, but Gold prices will be higher with each higher grade. As these are originally cash-only items, the gold prices are fixed and will not be revised.

Note of Advice to Upgraders

The success of any upgrade is NEVER guaranteed. There is always a variable success rate for each upgraded level which gets lower with each level of upgrade. As a guideline, chances of success for each upgrade beyond +5 is always less than 50%. It is possible to fail more than 10 times in a row, it is also possible to keep succeeding. It is all based on luck!

Use your Chilli Powder with caution and know when to stop. Being too rash or greedy may let you end up with +0 and no Chilli Powder left. 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stwack XP/Gold updates

Quick update to the XP/Gold system today. 

Time-Wasting Players
Players who intentionally refuse to attack and block all the way just so that their opponents get minimal XP/Gold will get a significant XP/Gold penalty based on the number of rounds played. 
XP/Gold penalty for winning against opponents who don't attack has been reduced slightly.

Low level players will get additional XP/Gold according to their level to accelerate their growth towards their white hair.

Level 1 to 9: Bonus 100% XP/Gold
Level 10 to 19: Bonus 80% XP/Gold
Level 20 to 29: Bonus 60% XP/Gold
Level 30 to 39: Bonus 40% XP/Gold
Level 40 to 49: Bonus 20% XP/Gold

Overall XP/Gold Gain
Base XP/Gold gain has been increased slightly for both winner and loser.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Kings and Legends New Events! "Only the Elite" and "Daily Login Rewards"

Event Name: Only the Elite
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/13 15:30 ~ 2014/3/20 23:59

Event Description:
1. Open Race Master's Packs during event and find Elite cards:

[Arya the Honourable] [Kathryn Emberwind] [Whitemane] [Executioner Grimbone]

To claim huge Silver rewards, Heroes who find each Elite card can claim 200,000 Silver, once per Elite Card type. Heroes who find multiple Elite cards of same type will only be able to claim the silver Reward once, for that Elite card.

2. A total of 1 million silver can be claimed.

3. After clicking"Claim Rewards", the Silver will sent to your In-game mail. Click "Get All" in your mail to add the Silver to your Total.

4. Elite cards can only be obtained from Race Master's Packs: Human Master's, Elven Master's, Undead Master's and Halfblood Master's Packs. Both Legendary and Godlike Ranks will qualify for the Sliver Rewards

Event Name: Daily Login Rewards
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/13 15:30 ~ 2014/4/3 23:59

Event Description:
Login in and get rewards

Event Guide:
Day 01: 500 Silver
Day 02: 3 Good Gems
Day 03: 300 Energy Fragment
Day 04: 20 Gold
Day 05: 1000 Silver
Day 06: Elven Frost Archmage (Epic)
Day 07: 3 Rare Gem
Day 08: Elixir of Energy
Day 09: 1500 Silver
Day 10: 1 Scroll of Experience (Epic)
Day 11: 300 Magic Fragment
Day 12: 2000 Silver
Day 13: Elven Frost Sorceror (Epic)
Day 14: 1 Tower Ticket
Day 15: 8 Elixir of Life
Day 16: 2500 Silver
Day 17: 1000 Crystal
Day 18: 40 Gold
Day 19: Class Change Crystal
Day 20: Roan Mount
Day 21: Epic Gem
Day 22: Angel Lightbinder (Epic)


Mar 2014 MOL/INDOMOG/GAMEON Promotion!

Promotion Period:
14th to 28th March 2014 

For each cash topup via Game-OnMOL or INDOMOG, you will be given a number of FREE GIFTS! The more you topup, the more GIFTS you'll get! Any topups before or after the promotional period will not be considered for the promotion. Note that this promotion does not apply to VSF subscriptions using ePINs, and is for cash topups only.

You will get guaranteed gifts, but what you get depends on your luck! No matter what you get, everyone is a winner!

For VSF Members onlyYour chances of getting the Epic Items will be DOUBLE for each topup if you have not won it yet!

Topup Viwawa Cash Here!

MOL Topups

Cash Topup via MOLNumber of Gifts
270 Viwawa Cash1
550 Viwawa Cash2
1200 Viwawa Cash5
2500 Viwawa Cash11

Game-On Topups
Cash Topup via Game-OnNumber of Gifts
270 Viwawa Cash1
470 Viwawa Cash2
900 Viwawa Cash4
2450 Viwawa Cash11
7000 Viwawa Cash35

Cash Topup via INDOMOGNumber of Gifts
250 Viwawa Cash1
400 Viwawa Cash2
520 Viwawa Cash2
850 Viwawa Cash4
1100 Viwawa Cash5

CategoryEach free gift will be ONE of the following

T-Rex Pet
(Buffet Wars Pet)

Banzai Roll
(Sushido Recipe)

Rare Crystal

Ragnorri Summoner
x 4

King Mogera Summoner
x 4

Rukaraz Summoner
x 4

Zanskar Summoner
x 4

Kael'roth Summoner
x 4

Stwack Health Potion x 10

Buffet Wars Pet Food x 10

Green Tea Leaves x 50

Sake Rice x 50

Wasabi Roots x 50

Sushido Repair Hammer x 3

Stwack Health Potion x 5

Buffet Wars Pet Food x 5

Green Tea Leaves x 20

Sake Rice x 20

Wasabi Roots x 20

Sushido Repair Hammer x 2

Stwack Health Potion x 2

Buffet Wars Pet Food x 2

Green Tea Leaves x 10

Sake Rice x 10

Wasabi Roots x 10

Sushido Repair Hammer x 1

* If you have already obtained the Epic Items, you will not be able to get them again in the same promotion.
Example of gifts that you will receive immediately upon topping up:

Topup Viwawa Cash Here!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kings and Legends New Events! "Divinity’s Tower", "Tomb of Doom" and "Gold Rush"

Event Name: Divinity’s Tower
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/6 15:30 ~ 2014/3/13 23:59 

Event Description:
Challenge the Tower to gather points and draw Angel cards!

Event Guide:
1.Challenge the Tower and complete event quests by killing specific Angel creatures in Tower Levels above 25, you will be rewarded with Conquest Points.
2.You will also earn Conquest Points for clearing a Tower level.
3.You can draw from the Pile with Conquest Points.
4.The Pile is an assortment of 84 shuffled cards. You can draw 1 card for 50 Conquest Points.
You can also check which cards are are in your current Pile by clicking Check Pile.
You can draw all 84 cards, or choose to Reset the Pile to replace those cards you have already drawn.
Note: The cards are randomly placed when you “Start to Draw”, the cards do not occupy the same space as in Check Pile.
5.Your drawn card will be placed immediately into your Cards section, Resetting the Pile will not remove any cards you have drawn.

Event Name: Tomb of Doom
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/6 15:30 ~ 2014/3/13 23:59 

Event Description:
During the event period, the first group members to win the Mausoleum (Hard) Challenge battle will get the First Time Boss Kill Rewards, other group players who have also won the Mausoleum (Hard) Challenge battle will get the Progressing Reward.

First Boss Kill Rewards: Undead Reputation Crest x 200, 100,000 Silver Gift Pack (Epic) x 2
Progressing Reward: Undead Reputation Crest x 50, 10,000 Silver Gift Pack (Rare) x 5

Event Guide:
1. Heroes from the first team to successfully complete King's Mausoleum(Hard) will unique prizes.
2. During the event, any team to successfully complete King's Mausoleum(Hard) can claim rewards.
3. Rewards can only be claimed once form either tier.
4. After clicking 'claim rewards', the rewards will be sent to your inbox. Click 'Get All ' to add them to your Inventory.

Event Name: Gold Rush
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/6 15:30 ~ 2014/3/13 23:59

Event Description:
1. Consume 500 Gold: Epic Gem x 2
2. Consume 1000 Gold: Elemental Fire (Epic) x 1 
3. Consume 5000 Gold: Epic Gem x 10, White Horse(Rare) x 1
4. Consume 10000 Gold: Elemental Fire (Legendary) x 1
5. Consume 30000 Gold: Legendary Gem x 5, Fire Rune(Godlike) x 1, Formula: Fire Rune x 1 
6. Consume 50000 Gold: Elemental Fire (Godlike) x 1

1. Gold consumed via Auction House, Reshuffle or Seaport Expeditions are excluded from this Event.
2. Rewards can only be gained once per Event.
3. Consumed Gold is only counted from when the Event begins. Rewards not yet claimed when the Event ends will be lost, be careful!
4. Consumed Gold from one Gold Rush event is not carried over to the next Gold Rush event.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bubble Ninja: The Great Genin Codes Giveaways!

Dear Viwawa Bubble Ninjas,

Here's an event exclusive for you!!!

Promotion Period: 1st Mar 2014 ~ 31st Mar 2014

Topup Bubble Ninja Gold and get rewarded with the following gift codes!

Genin Code (Normal) will consist of the following items:
- Large Essence x 5
- Upgrade Charm x 10
- Gentle Fist Charm x 10
- Sharingan Charm x 10
- Wooden Clone Shuriken x 10
- Level 5 Gem Gift Pack x 3
- Jade Maker Pearl x 30

Total Quantity: Unlimited
Redemption: 5 times per account.

Genin Code (Special) will consist of the following items:
- Ultimate Essence x 5
- Anniversary Treasure Chest x 1
- Growth Tablet (Great) x 3
- 1,888 Voucher
- Assurance Stone x 18
- Attribute Keeper Stone x 1

Total Quantity: 100
Redemption: 10 times per account.

How to Participate
Simply Topup Bubble Ninja Gold within the Promotion Period.

Every 192 Bubble Ninja Gold topup will entitle you a Genin Code (Normal).

Every 384 Bubble Ninja Gold topup will entitle you a Genin Code (Special) while stocks lasts! Only 100 Genin Code (Special) are available!

How many gift codes can I receive?
There is no limit to the number of Genin Code (Normal) you can receive. However, due to the limited quantity, you can only receive maximum of 10 Genin Code (Special).

How many gift codes can I use for my account?
You can only use maximum of 5 Genin Code (Normal) and 10 Genin Code (Special).

How do I know there are still stock for Genin Code (Special)?
We will update the stocks number every Tuesday after the codes are given out. The stock will be given out on first-come first-serve basis, which is based on your topup date/time.

When will I receive my gift codes?
The Gift codes will be sent via Viwawa Private Message to your account every Tuesday (11th Mar, 18th Mar, 25th Mar, 1st Apr 2014).

Will my gift code expire?
No, the gift codes do not expire.

Genin Code (Normal) items:




Genin Code (Special) items: