Friday, March 14, 2014

Kings and Legends New Events! "Only the Elite" and "Daily Login Rewards"

Event Name: Only the Elite
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/13 15:30 ~ 2014/3/20 23:59

Event Description:
1. Open Race Master's Packs during event and find Elite cards:

[Arya the Honourable] [Kathryn Emberwind] [Whitemane] [Executioner Grimbone]

To claim huge Silver rewards, Heroes who find each Elite card can claim 200,000 Silver, once per Elite Card type. Heroes who find multiple Elite cards of same type will only be able to claim the silver Reward once, for that Elite card.

2. A total of 1 million silver can be claimed.

3. After clicking"Claim Rewards", the Silver will sent to your In-game mail. Click "Get All" in your mail to add the Silver to your Total.

4. Elite cards can only be obtained from Race Master's Packs: Human Master's, Elven Master's, Undead Master's and Halfblood Master's Packs. Both Legendary and Godlike Ranks will qualify for the Sliver Rewards

Event Name: Daily Login Rewards
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/3/13 15:30 ~ 2014/4/3 23:59

Event Description:
Login in and get rewards

Event Guide:
Day 01: 500 Silver
Day 02: 3 Good Gems
Day 03: 300 Energy Fragment
Day 04: 20 Gold
Day 05: 1000 Silver
Day 06: Elven Frost Archmage (Epic)
Day 07: 3 Rare Gem
Day 08: Elixir of Energy
Day 09: 1500 Silver
Day 10: 1 Scroll of Experience (Epic)
Day 11: 300 Magic Fragment
Day 12: 2000 Silver
Day 13: Elven Frost Sorceror (Epic)
Day 14: 1 Tower Ticket
Day 15: 8 Elixir of Life
Day 16: 2500 Silver
Day 17: 1000 Crystal
Day 18: 40 Gold
Day 19: Class Change Crystal
Day 20: Roan Mount
Day 21: Epic Gem
Day 22: Angel Lightbinder (Epic)


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