Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stwack XP/Gold updates

Quick update to the XP/Gold system today. 

Time-Wasting Players
Players who intentionally refuse to attack and block all the way just so that their opponents get minimal XP/Gold will get a significant XP/Gold penalty based on the number of rounds played. 
XP/Gold penalty for winning against opponents who don't attack has been reduced slightly.

Low level players will get additional XP/Gold according to their level to accelerate their growth towards their white hair.

Level 1 to 9: Bonus 100% XP/Gold
Level 10 to 19: Bonus 80% XP/Gold
Level 20 to 29: Bonus 60% XP/Gold
Level 30 to 39: Bonus 40% XP/Gold
Level 40 to 49: Bonus 20% XP/Gold

Overall XP/Gold Gain
Base XP/Gold gain has been increased slightly for both winner and loser.


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