Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kings And Legends New Events! "Divinity Tower", "Gold Rush", "Special Offer - Event Pack"

Event Name: Divinity’s Tower
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/5/1 15:30 ~ 2014/5/8 23:59

Event Description:
Challenge the Tower to gather points and draw Angel cards!

Event Guide:
1.Challenge the Tower and complete event quests by killing specific Angel creatures in Tower Levels above 25, you will be rewarded with Conquest Points.
2.You will also earn Conquest Points for clearing a Tower level.
3.You can draw from the Pile with Conquest Points.
4.The Pile is an assortment of 84 shuffled cards. You can draw 1 card for 50 Conquest Points.
You can also check which cards are are in your current Pile by clicking Check Pile.
You can draw all 84 cards, or choose to Reset the Pile to replace those cards you have already drawn.
Note: The cards are randomly placed when you “Start to Draw”, the cards do not occupy the same space as in Check Pile.
5.Your drawn card will be placed immediately into your Cards section, Resetting the Pile will not remove any cards you have drawn.

Event Name: Gold Rush
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/5/1 0:00 ~ 2014/5/7 23:59

Event Description:
1.Consume 500 Gold: Fire Rune (Epic, 3 days)
2.Consume 1000 Gold: Zeeva Stonebreaker(Epic) x 1
3.Consume 5000 Gold: Legendary Gem x 2, Unicorn Mirager(Epic, 7 days) x 1
4.Consume 10000 Gold: Zeeva Stonebreaker(Legendary) x 1
5.Consume 30000 Gold: Pendant of Bravery, Forumla: Vigilance Rune (Legendary) x 1 
6.Consume 50000 Gold: Zeeva Stonebreaker(Godlike) x 1

Event Guide:
1.Gold consumed via Auction House, Reshuffle or Seaport Expeditions are excluded from this Event.
2.Rewards can only be gained once per Event.
3.Consumed Gold is only counted from when the Event begins. Rewards not yet claimed when the Event ends will be lost, be careful!
4.Consumed Gold from one Gold Rush event is not carried over to the next Gold Rush event.

Event Name: Special Offer - Event Pack
Event Server: All server
Event Time: 2014/5/1 15:30 ~ 2014/5/8 23:59

Event Description:
The Event Pack contains at least one Epic rank card and one Epic rank Event Card. It may contain Legendary rank Event card.

During the event, players will be able to purchase the Event Pack for 298 Gold.


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