Monday, April 7, 2014

Shooting delay adjustments [April 2014]

There are some adjustments today to the implementation of delay from your shots.

1) Delay of dish per turn instead of per projectile
Previously, delay is calculated per projectile, so when you use skills with multiple projectiles or shoot during Buffet Mania, your overall delay is almost doubled.

Now, the delay of your dish is only added ONCE per turn.

In effect, the delays of players will be shorter, especially in Buffet Mania.

This does not affect the NPCs since they can only shoot 1 projectile per turn.

2) Reduced delay for missed shots
To help weaker players, the delay of the dish for that turn will be halved if you fail to hit anyone (including yourself) in your shot.

This only affects human players for now and does not affect NPCs.


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