Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sushido Open Competition BETA Test 2

Congratulations to Sage_Skytravis for clinching the top spot for the first Sushido Open BETA competition!

The new Sushido Open Competition will be ready for the second round of BETA testing this week. All times in +8GMT.

5 May 2014 (Monday)Registration starts, registration closes about 2 hours before competition.

7 May 2014, 8:00pm-9:45pm (Wednesday)
Competition period. Players must be present throughout the competition period.

For details of the competition format and rules, please read this thread: 2014 Game Competition Update

Registration fee: 1000 gold / 10 cash (BETA price!)
Minimum level: 10
Total rounds: 15
Time limit per round: 5 minutes
Break per round: 2 minutes
Matches per round: 1
Time limit per turn: 5s

Competition Schedule

Note that all times are in +8GMT.

5 May 2014 (Monday)
12pm - Registration start

7 May 2014 (Wednesday)
6:00pm - Registration close
7:30pm - Competition open, players can enter channel to setup recipes, skills, machines, bracelets.You don't need to enter at 7:30pm, just be there a few minutes before competition start time.
** If you do not configure your settings, you may end up with NO recipes/skills/machines/bracelet. Make sure your bracelet is already fully repaired and configured because you cannot access the bracelet interface in the competition.
- preparation - 

8:00pm - ROUND 1 START
8:05pm - ROUND 1 END
- break -
8:07pm - ROUND 2 START
8:12pm - ROUND 2 END
- break -
- break -
9:31pm - ROUND 14 START
9:36pm - ROUND 14 END
- break -
9:38pm - ROUND 15 START
9:43pm - ROUND 15 END, prizes awarded

Prizes/awards (for beta only)
Champion: Champion Trophy + 20,000 Gold
2nd: Runner-up Trophy + 15,000 Gold
3rd: 2nd Runner-up Trophy + 10,000 Gold
4th to 10th: Top 10 badge + 5,000 Gold
MVP (Highest total score): MVP Trophy
All participants: Participation badge + 2,000 Gold* if minimum rounds (13) are completed

* Note that the additional gold rewards are rewards for beta testing only. The actual competition will have different rewards.

Channel Selection (for illustration only)

*** Note that the times on display could be in your local time.

Competition Screen

Click on the sushi on the right to bring up your settings

Note the updates since the first round of beta test.

1. Reduced round time from 6 to 5 minutes
2. Registration closes earlier (2 hours before competition start)
3. Added gold rewards for beta testing
4. Added MVP trophy
5. Fixed chat scroll bar
6. Upgraded server to reduce chances of crashing/lagging
7. Fixed repeated prize popup and delay in getting prizes
8. Fixed missing fixture/ranking display


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