Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catch the GM !!!

Dear Viwawa Gamers,

Welcome to Viwawa’s Catch the GM event! Play the role of a detective as you try to discover GM Ruby’s whereabouts in Viwawa

As you have known on Viwawa’s forum, GM Ruby just joined Viwawa and is currently looking for a friend with the same interests and hobbies. 

So, try to find Ruby in some of Viwawa’s games. 

After you have found her in the game, you need to prove that you are worthy of Ruby’s friendship by winning her in that game. After all, Ruby is new and wants a good Viwawa player as a friend.

Collect up to three one-of-a-kind Friendship Bands if you are able to find and win Ruby in the game. If you managed to collect all three Friendship bands, you will be given a bonus mystery gift as a token of thanks from Ruby.

This Catch the GM event will start from 9th June 2014 and will end on 27th June 2014.

Ruby loves food!

 Friendship Band I

 Friendship Band II

 Friendship Band III


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