Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guild Quest Bug Compensation

Dear Viwawa KAL Gamers,

There is currently a bug with the Guild Donation Tasks for all Level 60+ characters.

This bug causes Level 60+ characters to be unable to complete the 3/3 Guild Quests requirement for Daily Activity Tasks (+6 activity points).

Thanks to player feedback, the developers have found the bug and are preparing the fix for the bug. The bugfix is scheduled to be applied on the 2014-06-26 maintenance period.

To compensate affected players, they will be awarded the following during the coming two maintenance (2014-06-19, 2014-06-26) periods.

  • 7 x (+6) = +42 weekly activity points 
  • 7 x Tower Tickets
  • 7 x Class Guide

We hope for your patience and kind understanding on this matter while the developers are working on applying the bugfix into the next game content update.


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