Monday, June 30, 2014

Kings and Legends NEW Match Fixing Check Interval

Dear Viwawa-KAL players,

We will be announcing a tighter match-fixing check interval soon. Right now, all match fixing checks are done once per PvP season. Viwawa and the developer have collaborated closer together and will be implementing match-fixing checks TWICE in a season. Viwawa will try to ensure an optimum balance in the KAL players community and thank many of our players for their invaluable contributions and opinions.

We will announce when the new two times match-fixing check interval will take effect. We are aiming for July to launch the twice match-fixing check interval. Right now, Viwawa is working to fine tune the match-fixing check process. Match-fixing checks are very time consuming and laborious and require many man-hours to go through the logs. 


Viwawa would like to thank our ardent KAL players who have supported KAL for the last one year.

We will continue in our fight against blatant match-fixers.

Thank you for supporting Viwawa and KAL.