Sunday, June 15, 2014

Name a New Champion Event. Win 5000 Viwawa Cash!

Everybody loves giving names. Now is your chance to name our new Aerena Champion

This mysterious and mean looking Samurai lady is ready to rock the Aerena world on Viwawa! 

But, she needs a cool name to match her fiery persona. Showcase your creativity now! The winner will win 5000 Viwawa Cash!

And if you Share our post on Facebook, you will earn 50 Viwawa Cash free.
No risk! Each Viwawa Account can submit up to THREE names.

Start date: 13th June 2014
End date: 20th June 2014, 12pm (Singapore time)

Poll Start date: 20th June 2014 (we will pick the best five submissions for poll)
Poll End date: 25th June 2014, 2359 hours.

To submit, simply post on Viwawa Facebook or in this Forum. If you submit the new name on our Facebook post, please indicate your Viwawa username.

Winner will be announced on 27th June 2014.

Terms and Condition

  1. Viwawa shall select the five names at its sole discretion for polling. 
  2. Aerena developer is not obliged to use the winning name for the new Champion. There is also no guarantee that this new Champion will ultimately be created for Aerena game. 
  3. Anyone with a Viwawa account can participate in this event. 
  4. Viwawa gamers who share our Facebook Post for this event will receive 50 Viwawa Cash for free. To get the Viwawa Cash, simply email with the URL for your Facebook page showing the Shared Viwawa Name a New Champion post. The 50 Viwawa Cash shall be credited upon validation on or before 27th June 2014.
  5. Each Viwawa Account can submit up to THREE names.


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