Monday, July 7, 2014

Sushido Competition Schedule

The Open and Equalizer Sushido Competitions will now be held twice a month. Registration starts about 3-4 days before each competition, and closes 2 hours before competition starts.

Open Competition
2nd Wednesday of the month, 8pm to 10pm +8GMT
Registration: 5,000 Gold or 50 Viwawa Cash
All players compete with their own current level and inventory as of the END of registration. New items purchased after registration will not be used in the competition.

Equalizer Competition
4th Saturday of the month, 8pm to 10pm +8GMT
Registration: 10,000 Gold or 100 Viwawa Cash
All players compete at level 99 with the following items.
- All recipes from level 20 and above
- All magic ingredient skills
- Two extra tables (total of 3)
- Magic lantern (skill slot)
- All machines and machine upgrades, with 100 refills each
- NO ingredient upgrades
- NO bracelets/charms

General Rules
Minimum level to register: 10
Total rounds: 15
Time limit per round: 6 minutes
Break per round: 2 minutes
Matches per round: 1
Time limit per turn: 5s

Competition Rewards

20,000 Gold
Daruma Charm Level 1

2,000 Viwawa Cash
Origami Charm Level 1
15,000 Gold
Daruma Charm Level 1

1,000 Viwawa Cash
Origami Charm Level 1
10,000 Gold
Daruma Charm Level 1

500 Viwawa Cash
Origami Charm Level 1
4th to 10th
5,000 Gold

300 Viwawa Cash
11th to 30th
3,000 Gold

8,000 Gold
1,000 Gold

3,000 Gold

* Competitors will be disqualified from participation rewards if they were absent for more than 2 rounds
** MVP is awarded based on the highest average score of each player, excluding walkover wins.

A ranking table may be consolidated soon with cumulative player performances.

If you are new to this, here are references to the trial competition runs:
Sushido Open I
Sushido Open II
Sushido Open III
Sushido Equalizer I

More games will be adopting this competition format in the coming months. It will only be announced at a later date, including the next game for competition, and the schedule.


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