Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stwack Equalizer Competition 1 BETA

The new Stwack Equalizer Competition will be ready for BETA testing on 28 August 2014. All times in +8GMT.

Equalizer Setup
All participants will play with the following stats/items.

  • Player Level: 200
  • Skills: All
  • Passive: All except boosters, tablets and premium items
  • Combos: All
  • Potions: 20 each
  • Ingredient Upgrades: NONE

For details of the competition format and rules, please read this thread: 2014 Game Competition Update

Registration fee: 10,000 gold or 100 cash
Minimum level: 10
Total rounds: 25
Time limit per round: 3 minutes
Break per round: 30 seconds
Matches per round: 1

Competition Schedule

Note that all times are in +8GMT.

25 August 2014 (Monday)
10am - Registration start

28 August 2014 (Thursday)
6:00pm - Registration close, participant profiles and items will be created at this time.
7:30pm - Competition open, players can enter channel to setup skills. You don't need to enter at 7:30pm, just be there a few minutes before competition start time.
** If you do not configure your settings, you may end up with NO skills. 

- preparation - 
8:00pm - ROUND 1 START
9:28pm - ROUND 25 END, prizes awarded


  • Champion: Equalizer Champion Trophy + 2,000 Viwawa Cash
  • 2nd: Equalizer Runner-up Trophy + 1,000 Viwawa Cash
  • 3rd: Equalizer 2nd Runner-up Trophy + 500 Viwawa Cash
  • 4th to 10th: Equalizer Top 10 badge + 300 Viwawa Cash
  • 11th to 30th: Equalizer Top 30 badge + 8,000 Gold
  • MVP (Highest average score): Equalizer MVP Trophy**
  • All participants: Participation badge + 3,000 Gold*

* Must not be absent for more than 2 rounds
** Based on highest average score including absent rounds, but excludes walkovers for the winner. Score is based on damage dealt, damage blocked, and stamina damage dealt.
*** All badges/trophies for equalizer are different from those in open competitions

Channel Selection (for illustration only)

*** Note that the times on display could be in your local time.

Competition Screen

Click on the icon on the lower-right to bring up your settings


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