Sunday, August 10, 2014

Texas Hold'em Auto Buy-In and Pro Channel

Auto Buy-In
When buying in, you now have an option to automatically buy-in again with the same amount when you run out of chips, provided you have enough chips. To "cancel" the auto buy in, just click the stand up button in between rounds. The auto buy-in has no explicit notification, so there will be new notifications on the lower left corner of the screen for every buy-in.

Pro Channel
A new "Pro Channel" has been created, where players must buy-in with 80k chips and with slightly higher stakes.

Unlimited Standing Players
There is no limit to number of players standing and watching the game. You can no longer hog or "reserve" a seat by standing inside the game. If you wish to take a break, you have to give up your seat and anyone may take over.

Casual Channel
Casual channel playing stakes have been reduced to half.


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