Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kings And Legends S1 to S4 Server Merge on 30th Oct 2014

Dear Viwawa KAL gamers,

S3 & S4 will be merged into S1 & S2 on 30th Oct 2014

With this merge, players from S1 to S4 will have access to the same Auction Market, and will be free to join any Guild from S1 to S4. 

In addition, S1 to S4 players will be able to participate together in any events which isn't possible currently due to the server differences.

To facilitate the server merge, S1 to S4 players please take note of the following points:

  1. Characters that isn't logged in more than 1 month, with no Topup and level 10 or below will be removed.
  2. Players will login per normal through their respective server button. 
  3. Players will topup per normal through their respective server name.
  4. All character data will be retained which includes character level, reputation, equipment, cards, friends, guild, battlements level, guild research, PVP ranking points, etc.
  5. After the merge, if there are similar Character Names, the system will add a "$" to the end of the name. Players with such Character Names will be given a free name change, and are required to do so before being allowed to continue logging into the game.
  6. After the merge, if there are similar Guild Names, the system will add the Server ID to the end of the Guild Name. Such Guilds will be given a free Guild name change, when the feature becomes available.



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