Friday, October 3, 2014

New Competition Schedules

The new mode of game competitions (refer to competition thread) will be implemented on several games over the months. During which, the competition schedule frequency will be tweaked accordingly.

The first 2 games had both Open and Equalizer competitions held monthly, and we had 4 competitions per month. The next game to be included for competition will be Wahlords Open BETA. As we add more competitions, each competition will be held once in 2 months instead of every month.

New Schedules

Sushido Open: 2nd Wednesday of EVEN months
Sushido Equalizer: 4th Saturday of ODD months

Stwack Open: 3rd Monday of ODD months
Stwack Equalizer: 1st Thursday of EVEN months

Wahlords Open: 4th Tuesday of EVEN months
Wahlords Equalizer: [TO BE CONFIRMED] of ODD months

Groword Open: [TO BE CONFIRMED]


Competition schedules that are already displayed in the main forum page will not be affected.


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