Monday, November 24, 2014

Sushido Equalizer Competition 6 Results

The 6th Sushido Equalizer Competition has concluded and here are the winners!

It was a close fight with the top 3 players with the same points and the top spot determined by their average scores. good6oy topped the table with Wil157 proved to be the consistent top scorer with the coveted MVP title!

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all winners! All prizes and rewards have already been credited.

Overall Ranking
RankClubPlayerWinsLossesDrawsPointsTotal Score
1.Team_Eagle Clubgood6oy11403317,591
3.The Davichi CodeGinDuchti11403316,646
4.Team_Eagle Clublove_babe0310503017,431
6.Zillion Madrid
Kingdom Club
8.WAWA UNITEDnevermind16810503013,267
9.WAWA UNITEDash_9610403011,644
13.Team_Eagle ClubSage_Skytravis9602714,035
15.World number 1
and unbeatable
17.Harvard Universityachid9602710,330
18.Zillion Madrid
Kingdom Club
19.WAWA UNITEDProBoyBoyz960279,386
20.Ayam Familychickenlife1238702416,517
21.WAWA UNITEDmun02278702414,372
22.WJ GingersHeng5298702412,466
23.WAWA UNITEDnancycpn8702412,256
24.mingwarrior clubKev1n778702412,213
26.Van Bock Squarecoral_shan8702410,390

MVP Ranking
RankClubPlayerWins*LossesDrawsHighest ScoreAverage Score
1.tHe_saiNtsWil15711 (1)401,6841,193
2.Team_Eagle Clubgood6oy11401,5841,173
3.Team_Eagle Clublove_babe0310501,6401,162
5.The Davichi CodeGinDuchti11401,5621,110
6.Ayam Familychickenlife1238701,3981,101
7.Zacks_Fair9 (1)601,6001,077
8.Zillion Madrid
Kingdom Club
bongkhunjaw10 (1)501,5831,061
9.WAWA UNITEDmun02278 (1)701,3711,027
10.babe_boy9 (1)601,378995

Note: MVP is based on average score excluding walkovers. 

* Wins in brackets represent walkover wins and do not contribute towards average score



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