Friday, December 5, 2014

Buffet Wars Christmas Tree Celebration

Christmas is round the corner and here are some freebies for all Buffet Wars players! Collect free event drops to form unique Christmas tree accessories. You get an in-game boost of up to 30 movement points and 35 defense points when members of your team equip the complete set of Christmas trees accessories this month! 

i.e. During the event period, if all 4 players equip different Christmas tree accessories, the stats of each of the accessories will become +30 movement and +30 defense.

Event Period:
5 to 24 December 2014

An event badge will be awarded for players who create at least one Christmas tree accessory, and another badge for creating the complete set!


Note that the requirements for each item is significantly lower (from up to 1000+ down to just 200 per item) than in past events, but they are all available in different maps. This also allows you to choose the specific ingredients that you need.

Badges will be awarded within a week after the end of the event.