Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kings And Legends Version 1.6

Dear Gamers,

Kings and Legends Version 1.6 is coming on 11th Dec 2014! Checkout the great new additions and updates!

  1. New Packs
    1. Angel Standard Pack
    2. Angel Master Pack
  2. New Event & Bosses - Surge of Calamity
  3. New cards released - Demon Nightmare
    1. Demon Imp (coming soon!)
    2. Demon Hellfire (coming soon!)
    3. Baphomet (coming soon!)
New Packs
Having a hard time getting Angel cards? Angel Standard Pack and Angel Master Pack will now be available!


New Event & Boss - Surge of Calamity
Players will be able to challenge the new Boss in Hell's Realm and earn new Demon cards! Defeat the new Boss Lousy Sartre and his lieutenant Baphomet the Reaper!

New cards released - Demon Nightmare