Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Viwawa 7th Anniversary Event

Viwawa celebrates 7 years of bringing fun and enjoyment to our awesome community! 

For this special year, there will be 7 Get-to-know-Viwawa mini-events leading up to Christmas Day. The dates for the events are given below.

10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24 Dec 2014

On each day above, the following will occur.

  • Mystery Flash Sale will commence and last for 48 hours. A rare game item will be available for purchase during this 48-hour period. Each date will have a different game item so don't miss out on any, it won't be coming back!
  • How well do you know Viwawa? There will be a simple question posted in this thread at the start of each date. The questions will test you on your knowledge of Viwawa and our games.
    There will be 3 winners for each question. The prize will be the sale item as above for that event period.
  • To participate, a textfield will appear during the event together with the question in this exact post. Key in your answer into the textfield and click on Submit. (Do not email your answers to us.)

Players who can answer ALL 7 QUESTIONS correctly will receive the super-rare Viwawa 7 badge!


  • Players who disclose their answers publicly will be disqualified and barred from the entire event.
  • Any chosen winner who already owns the game item will be given 777 Viwawa Cash instead.

Here are your questions!



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